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Trust KOLs in Musculoskeletal Care

Integrated Mechanical Care’s extended team includes thought- and practice-leaders in:

  1. the role of MSD-related self-care, healthcare, public health in population health optimization and socioeconomic development programs;
  2. MSD-related data collection, analysis, and reporting to support health economics, outcomes research, and comparative-effectiveness research (HEOR/CER) studies  (with emphasis on economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes (ECHO); and
  3. the use of technology-enabled communications and quality systems to advocate, protect, and enhance patient health and wellbeing.

Rely on SMEs in Outcomes Optimization

Within the Company’s outcomes-accountability™ programs, IMC’s subject matter experts (SMEs) track self-care, healthcare, and public health inputs (e.g., resources), processes (e.g., health coaching, diagnostic, and therapeutic practices) and outputs (e.g., patient-reported and objective status) to determine the degree of human and socioeconomic improvement that can be attributed to these IMC interventions.

Outcomes of interest include levels of pain; degrees of cognitive, physical, and social function;  psychosocial perspectives and behaviors; shifts in productive capacity, productivity, earnings contributions, and socioeconomic status; cultural, environmental, and economic effects; and more.

IMC focuses on short-, medium-, and long-term outcomes to ensure the Company’s health coaching, diagnostic, and therapeutic processes remain helpful to a broad range of health industry stakeholders.

The Company provides real time outcomes reporting using technology-enabled scorecards and dashboards in HIPAA-compliant cloud-based and mobile solutions.

Sound compelling?

Check out the Company’s outcomes-accountable™ training programs for more information.

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