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Seek Outcomes-Accountability™

IMC holds itself to the highest quality standards in the healthcare industry. The Company has operationalized a technology-enabled, patient-centric system of care that guarantees performance around targeted economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes (ECHO).

Every case managed by IMC is subject to quality oversight and outcomes-accountability™. Patient-reported outcomes—and objective measures of quality—are assessed at scheduled intervals. Clinical cases that do not meet rigorous speed-to-resolution standards are immediately escalated and reviewed by advanced musculoskeletal care teams. These teams include experts in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), psychosocially-based health coaching, and quality systems.

IMC’s team members are specially trained to detect, analyze, and reverse engineer both unexpectedly protracted cases and unexpected successes—with the goal of continuously improving the reliability and societal value of IMC’s musculoskeletal solutions.

Consider IMC’s Portfolio of Outcomes-Accountable™ Programs

With a unique, outcomes-accountable™ approach, IMC is taking an increasingly proactive role in the design of:

  • Self-care, diagnostic, and treatment pathways for MSDs;
  • MSD-mitigating carve-outs and add-ons for Group Health, Workers’ Compensation, and Disability Programs;
  • Market-leading Total Rewards modules for enhanced employee attraction, retention, and engagement;
  • MSD-related population health optimization programs;
  • Accountable Community Development (ACD) programs that align incentives and deliver musculoskeletal education to promote Accountable Beneficiaries, Accountable Practitioners, and Accountable Enterprises); and
  • HIE-compatible, orthopedic information, administration, financing, and delivery systems.

The result?

A suite of outcomes-accountable™ programs that offer dramatic reductions in musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction, and costs—and a human-capital ROI worthy of C-suite attention.

Sound compelling?

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