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End Orthopedic Suffering

Integrated Mechanical Care’s vision is to help eliminate human suffering and socioeconomic setbacks associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) worldwide.

IMC already holds itself to the highest quality orthopedic performance standards in the industry: a patient-centric approach that systematically assures unprecedented economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes (ECHO). The Company’s groundbreaking solutions help MSD sufferers recover from musculoskeletal challenges with unparalleled speed and reliability.

IMC’s specialty is non-emergent MSDs, including certain acquired and congenital musculoskeletal deformities and degenerative conditions. The Company’s advanced musculoskeletal specialists are widely recognized as orthopedic thought- and practice-leaders. With certificates or diplomas in McKenzie® Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) and with advanced training in psychosocially-based health coaching, and technology-enabled quality systems, these licensed clinical practitioners offer some of the world’s most advanced, biologically and psychosocially validated solutions to orthopedic challenges. In collaboration with carefully vetted musculoskeletal specialists in pharmacological pain management, orthopedic surgery, and emergent conditions, the Company and its outcomes-accountable™ affiliates generate the world’s most compelling results.

Resolve Every Musculoskeletal Case

Every case managed by IMC is subject to quality oversight and outcomes-accountability™.  Patient-reported outcomes—and certain objective measures of quality—are assessed systematically, at scheduled intervals. Clinical cases that do not meet rigorous speed-to-resolution standards are immediately escalated and reviewed by advanced musculoskeletal care teams. Difficult cases are flagged by the third visit and typically resolved by the sixth.

IMC’s advanced musculoskeletal care teams are led by widely recognized experts in McKenzie® Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), all with no less than a decade of outcomes leadership in orthopedic care. These outcomes-accountable™ leaders are trained to detect, analyze, and reverse engineer both unexpectedly treatment-resistent cases and unexpected successes—with the goal of rapidly reversing intractable cases and continuously improving the reliability and societal value of IMC’s musculoskeletal solutions.

IMC remains committed to the highest level of outcomes-accountability™ in orthopedic care; unsurpassed reductions in musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction, and costs; and the greatest human-capital ROI available through any condition management program on the planet.

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