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Overcome “Institutionalized Excess” in Healthcare

Brian Klepper, PhD (a well-known healthcare blogger) notes that patients aren’t getting sicker but rather than those who pay for their care have accepted distorted diagnostic and treatment strategies and excessive costs as normal.

This is especially true in orthopedic realms, where a lack of diagnostic reliability gives clinical practitioners and healthcare provider organizations carte blanche in relation to diagnostic methods, therapeutic strategies, volume, and pricing.

Escalating costs and substandard quality in treating musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) create significant financial and competitive challenges for U.S. employers—creating enormous productivity losses and driving unwarranted MSD expenditures well into the 8-figure range.

Help Employees Live Productive, Fulfilling Lives

Musculoskeletal injuries are physically, psychologically, and financially debilitating. MSD sufferers have significantly higher rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, and depression than the general population. They also have higher rates of unemployment or underemployment, lower credit scores, and higher bankruptcy rates.

By relying on IMC’s outcomes-accountable™ musculoskeletal care and related orthopedic solutions, those who pay for the diagnosis and treatment of MSDs are able to reduce group health, workers’ compensation, and disability program costs while helping talented human assets enjoy their lives again and enhance their contributions at work.

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