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Path to Success

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Jointly Design and Manage Cost-Saving Initiatives

Working closely with self-insured employers (SIEs) and other health industry stakeholders, Integrated Mechanical Care’s project directors help:

  • Build the case for improved patient outcomes, human-capital ROI, and program viability
  • Achieve a 20% reduction in costs vs. baseline
  • Enlist client communication teams to build awareness and steer >75% of MSD cases through the program
  • Subsidize care and/or create other “carrot and stick” incentives
  • Establish a Steering Committees with Project Directors for each Party
  • Create referral, data collection, and outcome reporting systems
  • Recommend and gain approval for process flows
  • Customize scorecards, dashboards, and other measurement tools
  • Drive program performance and outcomes
  • Deliver status updates via real-time online portals, weekly calls, monthly reports, quarterly reports, and annual reports

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