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Helping a Fortune 100 Reduce Workers’ Compensation Cases

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An aerospace company with a large manufacturing plant in the Southeastern United States had a disproportionate number of workers’ compensation cases—many running six-figures in value. The Company hired Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) to implement a JointStrong® musculoskeletal health and wellness program to prevent orthopedic conditions.  IMC’s clinical team first assessed workspace ergonomics and then designed a customized leadership training and employee self-care program to mitigate clinical risks.  The manufacturing plant enjoyed a dramatic reduction in orthopedic cases and was invited to speak at the Florida Health Care Coalition’s annual Best of the Best Conference. The talk was titled, “The Impact of Addressing the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Interventions in the Workplace as seen through the Practice at St. Marks Powder” and focused on the impact of musculoskeletal injuries at the workplace and the benefits of leading self-care programs from top-management down and encouraging self-imposed work-site accountability.