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Improving the ROI From Group Health Benefits

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For healthcare’s institutional purchasers (e.g., self-insured employers), medically unnecessary orthopedic care leads to a surprisingly high level of wasted benefit dollars—counterproductive spending that (1) consumes 5% to 10% or more of Group Health benefit budgets, and (2) dramatically reduces human productive capacity and productivity, as well as corporate earnings, earnings growth, and competitiveness. Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) reduces the incidence, prevalence, and cost of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) through an evidence-based, clinical, and quality-assured approach to the prevention and reversal of back, neck, and joint pain. IMC’s unique bio-psychosocial approach keeps people healthy and gets people better more rapidly, efficiently, and effectively than any other scientifically validated approach to orthopedic care.