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Over the years, Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC)  has built a remarkable track record among those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs):

  • Surgical rates drop from ≥ 13% to  7%
  • Physical therapy visits drop from  14 per referral to ≤ 6
  • Advanced imaging drops from  25% of cases to  10%
  • Pain injections drop from  10% of cases to  3%
  • Patient satisfaction increases to  97%

IMC’s outcomes-accountable™ musculoskeletal care and related orthopedic solutions result in improved:

  • Clinical outcomes, as patients gain range of motion;
  • Overall health, as patients gain mobility, speed, strength, agility, and endurance;
  • Health-related quality of life (HRQoL), as patients become more able to do the things they enjoy;
  • Plan member satisfaction, as patients see great results from their health insurance plans and preferred provider networks;
  • Job attendance, as patients avoid disabilities or return to work;
  • Productive capacity and on-the-job performance, as “presenteeism” drops off and patients feel better able to focus on the jobs at hand;
  • Operating efficiencies, as workforce continuity decreases absenteeism, overtime, and  workarounds;
  • Competitiveness, as workers bring their best selves to the job;
  • Earnings growth, as the maximum value of human assets is unleashed;
  • Community development, as individuals are better able to participate in community events and community affairs;
  • Population health, as the incidence and prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders diminishes;
  • Public health, as individuals become less prone to injury;
  • Socioeconomic development, as clusters of employers are able to produce more and higher quality products and services through human capital; and
  • Global competitiveness, as the volunteer and paid workforce regains its the ability to live purposeful lives and contribute to the betterment of the country.

More than 75% of IMC’s MSD patients experience resolution of their symptoms exclusively through McKenzie® MDT and transdisciplinary, technology-enabled conservative care methods—most in as few as five visits.  Another 15% resolve within a few months.  A final 10% need more aggressive treatments and are rapidly assessed by IMC and referred to clinical specialists with the right training and experience to get them well.

To achieve these unprecedented results, IMC’s outcomes-accountable™ clinicians are specially trained not only in McKenzie® MDT practices but also in transdisciplinary innovation and machine-learning systems.  Leveraging the high-tech science of Big Data analytics and the art of compassionate care, IMC’s unique approach to MSDs ensures patients get the self-care, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions they need…and the joy-enriching results they want.

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