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Employer Outcomes

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Reduce Absenteeism and Presenteeism

On behalf of self-insured employers (SIEs) and others who fund U.S. healthcare, Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) ensures employees and dependents suffering from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) resolve rapidly, with lasting results.

More than 75% of IMC patients resolve their musculoskeletal pain and regain full physical function within 6 visits. Another 15% return to their normal lifestyles within a few months, virtually pain-free. Only 10% of IMC’s patients need more aggressive treatments—and these are typically referred to the right specialists within the first or second visit.

Following an outcomes-assured diagnostic and therapeutic protocol—and considering the psychosocial determinants of patient compliance and recovery—IMC helps employees get back to work quickly, joyfully, with fewer distractions, and greater energy.

Drive Earnings Growth and Socioeconomic Development

As employees’ productive capacity, productivity, and earnings-contributions improve; human asset managers note measurable jumps human-capital ROI and competitiveness.  Corporate performance surges, earnings growth funds new positions, and entire geographic regions get a socioeconomic boost.

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