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Patient Outcomes

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Expect Rapid Reversals

With Integrated Mechanical Care’s outcomes-assured™ clinical services, patients recover from musculoskeletal challenges rapidly, with minimal discomfort, and with lasting results.

Reduce Pain and Improve Function

Patient-reported outcomes are unprecedented:

  • Pain drops ≥60%
  • Activities of daily living (ADLs) improve ≥ 25%
  • Low back function improves ≥ 60%
  • Neck function improves ≥ 55%
  • Lower extremity function improves ≥ 55%
  • Patient’s MSD-related costs drop by > 25%
  • Patient satisfaction rates remains > 97%

Guarantee Satisfaction

More than 75% of patients who walk into IMC clinics recover within 6 visits. Another 15% reverse pain and overcome functional disabilities within a few months. Only 10% need more aggressive treatment, and those are typically referred to the right specialists within the first or second visit.

The result?

Musculoskeletal disorder (MSDs) resolve rapidly, with lasting results, so patients can enjoy the productive and fulfilling lives they once had.

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