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End Debilitating Orthopedic Pain and Suffering

Orthopedic patients endure weeks or months of pain, loss of physical function, challenges to mental health, and financial setbacks due to musculoskeletal challenges and the inability to work at full capacity.

The burden from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in and out of the workplace has reached a critical point—and the usual care strategies aren’t helping.

Usual care may involve multiple visits to clinical specialists, advanced diagnostic tests (widely recognized as unreliable), reliance on imaging procedures and pharmaceutical products with potentially grave side effects, relatively ineffective trial-and-error treatments, painful injections, and surgical procedures with lengthy recovery times and uncertain outcomes.

Surprisingly, the vast majority of these diagnostic and treatment strategies lack scientific evidence of effectiveness in resolving MSDs across the majority of patients. For low back pain (LBP) alone, recurrence of pain and injury for those who initially respond to treatment is over 60%.

Offer Cost-Effective and Compassionate Care

Patients who need conservative care should get conservative care. Patients who need more aggressive interventions should get those. And nobody should get the runaround.

With Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC), MSD sufferers get the heartwarming, efficient, and effective care they deserve—outcomes-assured™ clinical assessments and interventions, from competent and compassionate clinicians.

IMC’s self-care, healthcare, and public health programs accelerate the speed and reliability with which MSD sufferers recover from orthopedic challenges. These programs reduce recurrence rates to 10% or less—an 80% improvement over usual care strategies. They also generate the highest patient satisfaction scores in the industry.

The result?

IMC’s patients experience a more rapid return to pain-free living, restored physical function, peace of mind, and the purposeful activities they enjoy.

Sound encouraging?

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