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"Key outcomes are the health results that matter for a patient's condition over the care cycle."


                                                                              Michael E. Porter

      Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School

At IMC, We Measure What Matters.


Meaningful outcomes matter for patients suffering from MSDs.  That's why IMC utilizes scientifically validated indices and proven benchmarks to measure specific Patient Reported Outcomes for improvements in function, reductions in pain and disability, and sustainability.  Every IMC patient at every subsequent visit is re-assessed under IMC's strict benchmarks to measure clinical effectiveness of their prescribed treatment plan.  Patients who do not timely meet IMC's outcome benchmarks are escalated to IMC's certified clinician panel for a more specialized care plan.  Approximately 90 percent of IMC patients report a reduction in pain or eliminate their pain altogether and restore full function. 


IMC Reduces Musculoskeletal Incidence and Costs for Healthcare Payers

IMC Recurrence Rates*






*Recurrence rate is defined as the rate at which a disease or medical condition returns (after treatment).


Recurrence of a musculoskeletal condition drops from 38.6% outside of IMC's clinics to 16.4% after care with an IMC clinician.

IMC Patient-Reported Outcomes (2016)

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Pain Reduction

Patient Satisfaction

Change in Overall Function

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