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Reduce Pain and Restore Function

Patients with orthopedic pain may lose not only physical function but also the capacity to do the things that make their lives worth living. This affects not only their own outlooks on life but also the mindsets and wellbeing of those around them. Prolonged suffering with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can lead to anxiety, depression, and worse.

Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) understands how frustrating, debilitating, and disheartening orthopedic challenges can be. Many of our clinicians and staff members were attracted to this line of work because of their own experiences with MSDs.

At IMC, delivering compassionate care that restores pain-free living, patients’ desired physical capabilities, and a fresh outlook on life is our primary mission.  Central to our clinical process is a methodology known as McKenzie® Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT).

MDT and related health coaching and condition tracking tools allow IMC’s specially trained clinicians to determine if a patient’s pain and functional limitations are due to inflammation, trauma, or mechanical pressures such as posture, tightening of muscles and ligaments, or tissue blockages.  If limitations are due to inflammation or trauma that won’t heal quickly and naturally, IMC helps patients gain rapid access to practitioners with exceptional track records in treating and resolving these challenges.  If limitations are due to mechanical factors, IMC’s specially trained therapists use scientifically proven methods to resolve pain and restore function.

Rely on Scientifically Proven Methods

MDT is the most scientifically supported, conservative, and effective method for preventing, diagnosing, and treating orthopedic challenges of a mechanical nature. The Occupational Disability Guideline (ODG) endorses this approach as the assessment technique of choice, based on current, up-to-date studies published in trusted scientific, technical, and medical journals (known as peer-reviewed STM publications).

Major branches of government follow ODG recommendations for their workers’ compensation programs, including the State of California and the State of Texas. Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) is advocated by progressive and conservative medical experts alike.

MDT emphasizes clinical examination, definitive diagnosis, restorative treatment, patient education, and patient self-management as core principles. It also is the only musculoskeletal assessment method currently used that is proven to have inter-tester reliability. And inter-tester reliability is essential to generating predictably favorable patient outcomes.

By combining MDT with highly specialized health coaching and condition tracking tools, IMC is able to help the vast majority of its patients regain pain-free living, full physical function, and a joyful outlook on life.

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