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Introduce Transparency

Health Access Services (a spin-off from Integrated Mechanical Care) helps a broad range of health industry stakeholders find orthopedic solutions that generate equal or better outcomes at equal or lower cost and risk.

The market demand for this kind of help was first brought to IMC’s attention by a Fortune 500 client who was concerned about how many of their plan members were being subjected to unnecessary and even dangerous diagnostics, injections, and surgeries.

Health Access Services was funded by that client under the auspices of Integrated Mechanical Care, with the mission of providing evidence-based health coaching, education, and advocacy services that ensure orthopedic patients get the right musculoskeletal care at the right time and price.

With the help of Health Access Services’ professional navigators, healthcare decision makers gain a greater understanding of the science, economics, and politics behind orthopedic choices—whether those choices relate to high-risk interventions or outcomes-accountable™ conservative care.

Navigators are specially trained and able to help insurance plan members, clinical practitioners, and self-insured employers (SIEs) :

  1. understand the diagnostic, therapeutic, and insurance options facing MSD sufferers;
  2. navigate around and beyond any economic and political obstacles to appropriate care;
  3. make the orthopedic care decisions that will result in the most favorable objective and patient-reported outcomes.

Create Accountable Stakeholders

With a focus on the scientific evidence and patient-preferrred outcomes, Health Access Services’ navigation team ensures:

  1. patients become Accountable Beneficiaries, who are motivated and able to accesthe lowest cost, most promising, evidence-based orthopedic care available;
  2. clinicians become Accountable Practitioners, who are motivated and able to deliver patient-optimized orthopedic care (e.g., through outcomes-driven rather than volume-driven compensation and quality-reporting models);
  3. self-insured employers (SIEs) become Accountable Enterprises, motivated and able to leverage their vast purchasing power to create outcomes-driven incentives and orthopedic report cards.

That way, MSD patients get the best care available and are able to return to their desired levels of function with minimal burden to the healthcare system.

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