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Focus on Education and Prevention

Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) offers an essential component to individual and employer-based Health & Wellness programs. Our programs are available through onsite and community-based clinics, as well as through remote, telemedicine, and/or digitally based channels.

IMC is a company dedicated to improving patients’ behavioral health as well as the way orthopedic medicine is practiced. Patients educated in orthopedic wellness are more likely to avoid orthopedic injury. Employers educated in orthopedic triage understand that what’s best for the patient is what’s best for them.

Our clinical programs start with prevention, include best-in-class diagnostics, and extend into treatment strategies with unsurpassed patient outcomes and socioeconomic effects.

Deliver Evidence-Based Care

IMC’s proven track record of successes is a result of a highly effective network of clinicians, trained in McKenzie® Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), specialized health coaching, and condition tracking through technology-enabled quality systems.

All medical practitioners in the IMC network understand the human and economic costs of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). All understand how to evaluate health, workers’ compensation, and disability claims to identify suboptimal patterns of care.  All understand how orthopedic triage methods ensure patients get to the right practitioners before their costs of care escalate unnecessarily.

IMC has validated and continues to demonstrate the superiority of its triage, health coaching, self-care, diagnostic, and treatment methods using advanced, HIPAA-compliant software applications.

Where new educational, diagnostic, and treatment methods prove even more effective, IMC rapidly scales up new best practices across large geographic regions and workplace settings, allowing for controlled management of costs for employers and healthcare providers.

The benefits accrue to patients, practitioners, and payers alike.

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