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Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) has a clinical solution to soft-tissue, joint, neck, and back injuries – and related workplace and orthopedic conditions – that have the potential to compromise work and company performance.

IMC’s clinical experts empower employees with specific ways to prevent, reverse, or recover from orthopedic illnesses, injuries, and disabilities; and – in most cases – with the motivation to heal.

Our musculoskeletal care programs complement occupational medicine strategies in their focus on:

  • Personalized treatment programs that support activities of daily living (ADLs) and enhance quality of life;
  • Discussions of residential and workplace environments, with recommendations about safety, self-care, and health-promoting behaviors;
  • Assessments of off-the-job and on-the-job function, productive capacity, and performance – along with strategies for improvement;
  • Assistance in the selection and proper use of adaptive equipment; and
  • Dovetailing guidance to specialty practitioners, caregivers, and family members.

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