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Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) provides outcomes-accountable™ musculoskeletal care through an international network of IMC-owned and IMC-affiliated Centers of Excellence (COEs). IMC’s evidence-based, multidisciplinary service offerings incorporate Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) methods, psychosocially-based health coaching services, and technology-enabled quality assurance systems. They are based on the best, up-to-date scientific data available and produce resolution of injury and pain for more than 95% of patients—typically in fewer than six clinical visits—without unnecessary MRIs, CT scans, EMG/NCV tests, drugs, or surgeries.

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IMC’s Center for Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy (COSPT) has been a pioneering orthopedic COE for more than 20 years. COSPT has been providing Tallahassee and surrounding areas in Florida with exceptional mechanically based care for the management of orthopedic conditions since the mid-1990s.

Located in the same building as Integrated Mechanical Care, top-performing COSPT clinicians were the original field-based research team behind IMC’s pioneering outcomes-accountable™ musculoskeletal care programs—the licensed, transdisciplinary, clinical care model used by all IMC-owned and IMC-affiliated clinics.

Tap Into Real-Time Best Practices

COSPT’s outcomes-accountable™ solutions grew out of the McKenzie® approach to Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT)—one of the most researched conservative care strategies in the world for the last 25 years.

However, unlike other MDT-based programs, COSPT’s care model is transdisciplinary, learning-system based, and outcomes-assured™. Diagnostic and therapeutic methods of McKenzie® origin are enhanced on a just-in-time (JIT) basis as the Company’s Big Data analytics, outcomes-driven machine-learning systems™, web crawlers, and human intelligence teams identify and deconstruct unexpected clinical successes and setbacks across served markets and home in on new best practices. In addition to McKenzie® MDT practices, the visible portions of this high-tech, transdisciplinary approach are the Company’s (1) scientifically-validated, psychosocially-based health coaching services, (2) technology-enabled quality assurance and grand rounds processes, and (3) semantically-labeled knowledge management systems.

COSPT’s transdisciplinary, learning-system based care model ensures every patient encounter is meticulously planned and documented—and contributes to ever-improving industry-leading economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes.

Rely on on Certified Clinics and Licensed, Credentialed, and Diplomaed Clinicians

COSPT is Medicare and McKenzie® MDT certified. The clinic’s practice-leading advanced musculoskeletal specialists hold BSc or advanced degrees in one or more licensed healthcare professions (e.g., MD, DO, DPT, MSN, BSN). All are credentialed or diplomaed in McKenzie® MDT. All are peer-reviewed real-time, through IMC’s technology-enabled quality assurance systems. All are held to rigorous performance reporting on patients’ clinical progress, pain and function outcomes, and overall satisfaction.

The hallmark of COSPT’s outcomes-accountable™ musculoskeletal care is the efficiency with which it returns patients to pain-free, fully functional, joyful living.

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