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Socioeconomic Development

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Create a Healthier Workforce

Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) is one of the few orthopedic solution providers with a broad and deep understanding of the correlation between musculoskeletal health, corporate earnings, and socioeconomic development.

Healthy individuals can better apply their talents. The application of talent improves productivity. Productivity supports earnings. Earnings create new investment opportunities. New investment opportunities create jobs. Jobs create socioeconomic development.

Consider Gain-Sharing

IMC is so knowledgeable about ways to improve the economic performance of healthcare’s stakeholders that the Company is willing to go at-risk on a broad range of musculoskeletal programs.

The Company’s orthopedic care and outcomes-accountable™ condition management services help individuals suffering from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) resolve rapidly, with lasting results.

With a healthier workforce, business leaders can operate with greater efficiency, freeing up resources to deliver ever-greater value to their customers.

As customer satisfaction soars, corporate revenue and earnings grow, and more capital becomes available for reinvestment. New jobs are created and everyone has the opportunity to win.

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