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Integrated Mechanical Care’s paradigm of outcomes-accountable™ musculoskeletal care is the first of its kind: an evidence-based and outcomes-driven self-care, diagnosis, and treatment model based not only on the latest scientific research, but also on properly cleansed data from health, workers’ compensation, and disability claims.

Evidence-Based Musculoskeletal Care

Building on a solid scientific foundation and focusing on practices that produce real-world results, IMC has unprecedented success preventing orthopedic injuries, improving patient outcomes, preventing recurrences, increasing workforce continuity, and decreasing unnecessary utilization of healthcare services.

The result is an unsurpassed reduction in the volume, duration, and cost of workers’ compensation cases.

Value-Based Orthopedic Medicine

IMC’s reliance on value-based clinical strategies, outcomes-accountable™ musculoskeletal care, and McKenzie® Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) puts orthopedic patients’ interests first.

Patients receive (1) treatment protocols specific to their true diagnoses; (2) health education, health coaching, and self-care programs that enables them to take charge of their own musculoskeletal health; and (3) guidance on when to seek the help of clinical experts so small orthopedic challenges don’t turn into big ones.

The result is a patient satisfaction rating of > 97%, employer savings of > 25%, and a restoration in the productive capacity, productivity, and earnings contribution of human capital.

This human and economic performance optimization in practice!

Sound like a breakthrough?

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