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IMC understands  a complex and fragmented healthcare system makes it difficult for patients to navigate towards the high value services needed to solve their musculoskeletal challenges.  The myriad of options available to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disorders (MRI/CT scans, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, injections, surgery) can be confusing, overwhelming, and create fear, driving patients towards unnecessary or contraindicated care.  To assist patients in making more informed decisions, IMC offers patients Health Access Services (HAS), a network of highly trained health navigators to engage with patients and provide specific information about best practices, diagnostic options, and effective treatment outcomes so patients have a reliable decision support process available.  In addition to helping identify appropriate services for their presenting condition, HAS also helps patients better understand their healthcare benefits options under their employer-sponsored plan.



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At least 40% of musculoskeletal disorders are misdiagnosed. Additionally, most adults who have full mobility and no joint pain show irregular diagnostic results (MRI, X-ray, CT scan, etc.), unnecessarily qualifying them for opioids, muscle relaxers, pain injections, and even surgery.



​With over 90% of the world's population having a musculoskeletal disorder at some point in their lives, this is a frightening statistic to consider. With an IMC clincian, however, 70% of our patient's musculoskeletal conditions are resolved without the assistance of addictive pain medications or the need for invasive procedures such as injections or surgery.  IMC is able to quickly and accurately diagnose and assist safer patient recovery by using reliable, response-based assessments and then creating a treatment plan specific to your condition.  From the first appointment and throughout your treatment, IMC patients are educated about their specific mechanical condition and shown the appropriate movements to end pain and prevent future injury.  Our clinicians are available 24/7 through our network of clinics, our TeleHealth services, and through self-care education and the IMC JointStrong® mobile app. IMC enables patients to take control of their lives and get back to daily activities.



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