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Reducing Orthopedic Costs and Suffering

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Apply a Clinical Solution to Musculoskeletal Challenges

Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) offers clinical services and other musculoskeletal solutions that help orthopedic patients recover from musculoskeletal challenges with unprecedented speed and the industry’s lowest recurrence rates.

In fact, at one year post discharge, fewer than 10% of IMC’s patients experience a recurrence of symptoms—compared to an industry average of more than 50%.  That’s an 80% reduction in recurrence rates!

IMC’s musculoskeletal condition management programs outperform every known strategy for resolving orthopedic conditions and managing orthopedic costs.

With IMC’s help, healthcare purchasers, third-party administrators (TPAs), and third-party payers (TPPs) don’t need to look for savings through insurance benefit exclusions, discounted fees, narrow networks, prior authorization requirements, pre-certification programs, care-withholding incentives, or onerous reimbursement procedures.

These administrative strategies metaphorically “squeeze the water balloon,” giving the illusion of cost savings but actually causing payer costs to bulge out elsewhere. They don’t help patients recover. And, without recovery, the direct and indirect costs of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) continue to escalate.

Get Patients Better…and Keep Them That Way

IMC’s clinical, evidence-based approach offers patients with MSDs a reliable, efficient, and effective musculoskeletal assessment and condition-reversal process rapidly resolves their orthopedic disabilities, optimizes their musculoskeletal health, and empowers them to be happier and joyfully constructive members of their communities.

In other words, IMC’s approach to the management of MSDs works.

The results?

For Self-Insured Employers (SIEs), that means employees return to work more rapidly—delighted with their care—and with heightened productive capacity, productivity, and earnings contributions.

For Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), that means beneficiaries rapidly resolve their orthopedic disabilities, reverse their pain, and regain their physical function—all through a program proven to significantly reduce recurrences, so the total cost of care (TCOC) is a fraction of historic levels, and so quality performance scores soar.

For Home- and Community-Based Service (HCBS) Providers, the societal burden of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is reduced, and socioeconomic development gets the jumpstart it deserves.

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