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Reducing the Burden of Orthopedic Challenges

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Orthopedic costs (especially around low back pain) are escalating without commensurate improvements in outcomes. Variability in diagnostic practice patterns and a lack of inter-tester reliability in diagnostic interpretations lead to a mismatch between medical interventions and patients’ true clinical needs. When musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are misdiagnosed, interventions fail to resolve underlying biopsychosocial challenges. This exacerbates demand for medically unnecessary or contraindicated diagnostics, opioid prescriptions, pain injections, and surgical interventions. A technology-enabled, quality assured, and outcomes-accountable™ musculoskeletal assessment and condition management program can help clinicians determine whether MSD patients have structural, chemical, or mechanical challenges. With this insight, clinicians can guide patients toward self-care, conservative care, and/or specialty care—and better align biopsychosocial challenges with treatments. A one-year cost-comparison with “usual” community care, showed that outcomes-accountable™ MSD care resolves the majority of orthopedic conditions, reduces downstream clinical encounters, and generates a 39.8% cost savings.