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Jumpstart Musculoskeletal Function, Health & Wellness, and Productive Capacity

Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) offers clinical services and other musculoskeletal solutions that help orthopedic patients recover from musculoskeletal challenges rapidly, with minimal discomfort, and with lasting results.

The Company’s outcomes-accountable™ clinics focus on high-cost, poorly diagnosed, and debilitating musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

And the Company’s portfolio of MSD-focused population health management and socioeconomic development programs help individuals, organizations, and communities optimize their wellness, productive capacity, and socioeconomic outcomes.

Reduce the Total Cost of Care (TCOC)

IMC’s Outcomes Research Team continually monitors the quantitative and qualitative evidence surrounding various preventive, diagnostic, and treatment strategies, focusing especially on case reports and unexpected successes and failures as indicators of untapped opportunities for improving clinical approaches to orthopedic disabilities.

The outcomes researchers then reverse engineers these unexpected outcomes to identify the drivers and inhibitors of MSD-related healthcare efficiency and effectiveness.

After IMC determines what is generating favorable and adverse outcomes, the Company’s Clinical Engineers and Clinical Methodologists develop Prototype Guidelines for MSD prevention, diagnosis, and treatments.

The Company’s Research Librarians then scour the STM Literature to determine the degree of scientific, technical, and medical support for these guidelines.  Where compelling evidence exists, the Company refines the guidelines so they are 100% evidence-based and may be safely applied across IMC’s outcomes-accountable™ clinical settings.

IMC’s Accountable Practitioners then identify and evaluate hard-to-treat, intractable patients who have been unresponsive to Step Therapy, to identify those potentially eligible for these new evidence-based care strategies.  The practitioners (1) document baseline MSDs and related health conditions; (2) secure patient consent with proposed approaches to care; (3) deliver these scientifically validated, non-invasive, yet high-impact interventions; (4) document changes to patient pain, function, and satisfaction; and (5) compile de-identified outcomes data in HIPAA-compliant data warehouses.

The Company then engages Health Services Researchers and Biostatisticians to perform Big Data Analytics, so that conclusions may be drawn about attributes of care (e.g., diagnosis, course of treatment, practitioner, site of service) and outcomes.

As justified by this Patient-Centered Outcomes Research, IMC formalizes its groundbreaking prevention, diagnostic, and treatment findings for evaluation by progressive third-parties (e.g., self-insured employers (SIEs), accountable care organizations (ACOs), and home- and community-based service (HCBS) providers.

IMC’s Industry Development Teams then scour the media for stakeholders who share the Company’s commitment to advancing the function, health & wellness, and productive capacity of individuals at risk of, or suffering from, MSDs.

Together, IMC and these Health Industry Pioneers develop Pilot Programs to determine whether IMC’s Groundbreaking Practice Guidelines have favorable implications for:

  • Health Benefit Plan Design
  • Workers’ Compensation Programs
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Programs
  • Total Rewards Programs and Human-Capital ROI Initiatives
  • Provider Network Development
  • Population Health Management
  • Socioeconomic Development Initiatives

Program Managers oversee these beta-test programs to validate the relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of the jointly-established healthcare financing, delivery, and administrative strategies.

In the process, IMC and its study partners carefully document supporting healthcare policies, structures, systems, procedures, and standards, so these operational components are scalable.

Pilot Program outcomes are evaluated by the Senior Leadership Teams within these progressive organizations, as well as the industry’s Key Opinion Leaders and Subject Matter Experts

Where approved, the groundbreaking and field-tested approaches to MSD health, wellness, and condition management are scaled up to transform health system performance.

The result?

Unprecedented improvements in economic, clinical, health, health-related quality of life, and satisfaction outcomes across stakeholder groups.

Sound intriguing?

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