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Capture the Right Data

Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) is a market leader in the measurement and reporting of orthopedic performance and outcomes. This capability has proven critical in establishing the quality and effectiveness of the Company’s self-care, healthcare, and public health initiatives—and in expanding the accessibility of IMC’s orthopedic solutions (with the goal of providing the greatest good for the greatest number).

As a data-driven company, IMC has mastered the process of (1) capturing comprehensive and longitudinal performance and outcome data, (2) assuring the quality of integrated performance and outcome measurement and evaluation processes, and (3) communicating results to stakeholders whose wellbeing depends on the timeliness and accuracy of orthopedic data, information, and insights.

Maintain HIPAA Compliance

IMC’s HIPAA compliant and outcomes-accountable™ data warehouse is populated clinical and financial data from selected legacy information systems (essential to health economics and outcomes research [HEOR]), as well as humanistic data essential to system-level quality and comparative-effectiveness research (CER) studies.

The Company’s comprehensive  dataset includes patient records from as far back as 1995 and facilitates population-level, longitudinal comparisons of performance and outcomes across IMC and non-IMC programs over time.

The orthopedic data warehouse contains records on tens of thousands of MSD patients and houses data on millions of inpatient and outpatient encounters. The warehouse, which is managed by IMC’s advanced analytics team, supports both routine and ad hoc analyses on behalf of a broad range of health industry stakeholders.

Using de-identified, HIPAA compliant cost and care records, IMC analyzes and reports on outcomes performance real-time through the Company’s secure digital dashboards and information portals.

Run the Right Analytics

Reliable indicators of process and outcomes quality are central to Integrated Mechanical Care’s self-care, healthcare, and public health programs; and state-of-the-art data warehousing is at the heart of the Company’s analytics and reporting systems.

Using IMC’s cloud-based performance- and outcomes-reporting portals, a broad range of health industry stakeholders can determine their real-time ROI on musculoskeletal condition management programs—and compare their performance and outcome scores against competitive programs and national benchmarks.

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