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Educate Patients, Practitioners, and Plan Designers

Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) has found that—given evidence of equal or better outcomes at equal or lower cost—health-minded patients, healthcare practitioners, and health benefit plan designers will choose conservative musculoskeletal care over invasive orthopedic interventions.

Building on this observation, IMC created Health Access Services, a health coaching, education, and advocacy program designed to ensure orthopedic patients get the right musculoskeletal care at the right time and price.

Under Health Access Services, musculoskeletal health coaches, health educators, and health policy navigators provide health industry stakeholders with a greater understanding of the science behind MSD-related self-care, diagnostic, and therapeutic strategies.

Key targets include orthopedic patients, primary care practitioners (PCPs) and orthopedic specialists, and health benefit plan designers.

Create Accountable Stakeholders

With a focus on outcomes, the Health Access Services coaching, education, and advocacy team ensures:

  1. patients become Accountable Beneficiaries, who are motivated and able to accesthe lowest cost, most promising, evidence-based orthopedic care;
  2. healthcare clinicians become Accountable Practitioners, who are motivated and able to deliver patient-optimized orthopedic care (e.g., through outcomes-driven rather than volume-driven compensation and quality-reporting models);
  3. health benefit plan designers become Accountable Enterprises, who are motivated and able to leverage their vast purchasing power to create patient-centric performance incentives and orthopedic report cards.

Health Access Services is ideal for self-insured employers (SIEs), accountable care organizations (ACOs), and home- and community-based service (HCBS) providers who have a genuine interest in ensuring MSD patients get the best available care so they are able to return to their desired level of function and quality of life more quickly and with less hardship.

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