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Value-Based Purchasing

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Think About Value in a New Way

Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) has long believed that healthcare’s payers should refuse to pay for anything less than great orthopedic care.

Great orthopedic care improves the health, wellness, and productive capacity of beneficiaries suffering from MSDs, so they are better able to support their families, employers, and communities.

It follows that measures of healthcare value should focus on patient-centered outcomes.

One of the best ways to prevent unnecessary care and save money is to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) from developing. Another is to get patients better, more quickly and with less risk. A third is to ensure those delivering care are incentivized around patient outcomes not procedure volume.

IMC is committed to all three of these approaches: prevention, appropriate care, and patient-centered performance incentives.

Rely on a Clinical Solution

IMC has found that administrative approaches to reducing unnecessary care and costs do not serve health-focused industry stakeholders as well as clinically based approaches (e.g., that are centered on the proper education, diagnosis, and treatment of patients).

More than 95% of musculoskeletal disabilities (MSDs) may be resolved through conservative Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) methods, psychosocially-based health coaching strategies, and digitally-enabled quality management methods.

And MSDs that do not respond to such conservative care may be speedily resolved by orthopedic specialists—just as long as those practitioners are held accountable for clinical and humanistic outcomes (not just procedure volume, quality, and costs).

Rely on Patient-Reported Outcomes

A key first step in value-based purchasing is introducing outcomes-related transparency into the healthcare system, so the wellbeing of patients remains at the forefront of clinical decision making.

When incentives are based on patient-reported outcomes (and objective measures of musculoskeletal function), value tends to follow.

Sound right?

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